Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The increase in population is quantitative and qualitative. Many poor families think that sending children to school is a waste of time inspite of various govt. schemes, there is no proper implementation due to which illiteracy .......

(1)Population can work for and against progress and development of a country, sheer numbers put a strain on resources  but a skilled and hardworking literate population can be productive and leads to growth but a technically backward and poor population is a hindrance to progress.(2)-(A) Living in so ultra advanced age, traditional thought of having a male child as an asset in the family practiced even today among literate and illiterate families (B) Increase in population is a speed breaker and a stress on development of a nation .(3)Infrastructure is very limited and the number of people using it are more in number which are leading to the emergence of various problems such as corruption, crime, unemployment poverty etc. As we citizens of developing country, must open the eyes and accept new ideas to help to attain  the vision 2020.

Is Media Unbiased Towards The Recent Education System And Problems.......???Presented in teachers Forum at Bandra---

Of course,Media, in our country, is considered the voice of common people. Media is more inclined sometimes towards the coverage of false and fake things. As media takes important initiatives at various burning problems such as corruption, rising costs of daily needs, but at the same what about young generations. The entertainment media, it just broadcasts the imaginary things and what messages are they giving to our young generation by broadcasting the programmes like Big-Boss, Swayamar and many more? It does not raise its voice against many problems such as unemployment, child-marriages prevalent in remote parts of the country, education etc. Media favours some politicians and other strong influences in our society. 'Breaking News' is one sided and sometimes fails to show the other real . Repetitive - only to get TRP'S. Also the real issue is lost in sensationalizing news with no fallow up.Media can play its important and effective role to correct various confusions and guide the right happenings to our people/students so they can dream and shape, for what they are toiling since so many years.
Especially on the point of recent education system, there is no doubt on the success of media, if media concentrate towards the system. And to present the real picture on front to society.Implementations of planning commission and actual effects according to the objectives set shows complete mis-match the target on the grass root level. So what are the root causes of such failures must put front ? And the task can be covered by the media as it desrves importance according to our constitution.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Causes and solutions on the dropout students..................

HOW CAN WE ENCOURAGE THE DROPOUT STUDENTS TO COME BACK TO SCHOOLS ? : A) Find out the number of droupouts in a given area, convince the parents about the importance of education. Assuarence of financial help from the higher authorities ( principal, NGO etc.)                                                                                                                                                                            B) Provide mid-meals, include activity based learning programmes, use play-way method of learning.                                                                                                                                                               C) Avail concession in bus fare,  seek any govt. allowance to encourage them.                                                                                                                                                                    D) Analyse advantages of education, find out causes of-, solve it accordingly.                                                                                                                                                         E) Teachers should personally visit the children's houses to inquire the reasons and also convince the parents that BMC is providing all the material related to education and also mid-day meals. Parents are to be told the importance of education. Try to put and boost the confidance of child.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Solutions For : What Teachers Face While Teaching :-

Problem: 1) Discipline problems faced by the teachers while teaching  in the classroom:-
Probable Solutions : A) There are many problems that are regularly faced by all the teachers in the classroom      for eg.Students don't brings their textbooks  so teachers have to become stern  from day one onwards that everyone has to bring their textbooks , secondly some students are  hyper active so for them give more work. for eg. Appoint them as monitors.                                             
           Depression :-     The biggest problem is that if  as they are coming from economically backward class, their parents quarrel among themselves - to overcome - teachers should be friendly and try to find and guide proper way.
      B) To maintain the discipline, the teacher can keep the students engaged in activities. The teacher should  try to take interest in the discussion  along with the pupils on various current issues.

Monday, November 21, 2011

We ,The Family,

I am very fortunate as was born in and brought up such a hardworking family who taught me the morals for our society and nation. So I am very thankful to my lord .                                                                                                               

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

   We salute those, who fought not only for our country but to keep morals of my village also forever live.............................(Active participation in freedom struggle during AUGUST KRANTI 1942 )                                                                                                                                                                                                              1)Shahadu Soma Chaudhary                                                                                                               2Narayan Nanthhu Musande
3)Kautik Dagdu Patil
4)Satwa Laxman Punekar
5)Bajirao Phula Shinde
6)Budha Nago Mahajan
7)Dasharath Ramchandra Mahajan
8)Hari Sitaram Patil
9)Namdeo Totaram Pawar
10)Sukhadeo Totaram Pawar
11)Ramchandra Shenphadu Gher
12)Khanderao Ananda Lande
13)Vaman Nago Mahajan
14)Amrut Ananda Vanve
15)Chindhu Malhari Hargade
16)Tulsiram Namdeo Sable
17)Shivram Nago Patil
18)Kalu Devchand Patil
19)Shankar Sanpat Vanve
20)Dhudku Ragho Mistary
21)Arjun Aabha Bhand
22)Chindhu Shankar Pawankar
23)Dhanraj Ramnarayan Pande
24)Rama Nanthhu Bhusari
25)Shripat Shivram Padase
26)Ananda Sakharam Mahajan
27)Dattu Ragho Mistari
28)Chindhu Ramchandra Patil
29)Ramdas Chindhu Koli
30)Devchand Aabaji Mahajan                                                                                                            
              Humble salute to esteemed warriors who always remind us the value of freedom.
                                              JAI HIND................................................

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The very information will take you a new wonder in your list.-As I introduced about the village in the previous blog. The village has around 15000 population and 2100 houses in all. It is said or retold that one who build a house having more than one storeyed is suppossed to loose his or her son or end line. Those who already built are made victim of the same. The mythology is told in the reference as follows-A saint was emerged 200 years ago as a devotee to VITTHAL and got blessings. So the saint help to the people to solve for their health problems and people benifited. Due to the miracles, one by one followers were increased. The group were formed of devotees to God Vitthala of Pandharpur.Later on the group decided to build a temple in the village of RADHAKRIHNA. And they built a big and beautiful having one storeyed temple in the village. Henceforth the consideration is formed as per some previous coincidences, those who will build the house more hight than the respected temple will invite misfortune what is mentioned above.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


ACTIVE PARTICIPATION OF ADGAONKARS' IN FREEDOM STRUGGLE........ MOST ESTEEMED PERSONALITIES Helping hands of Adgaonkars to August Kranti It’s my great fortune to introduce to the rest of world, the forgotten personalities....... (1) SHYMRAO PATIL, (2) BHAGWAN BHUSARI, (3)TRYAMBAK WANI, Who had paid their lives on the spot to keep safe our morals & sustain KRANTI on 18th Aug.1930, during the period of freedom struggle. And remained for so ever martyrs in the every hearts of Adgaonkars. 1) SHYAMRAO PATIL, One who had paid complete contribution to survive the morals of villagers of Adgaon but on account of the holy task he was shot by British police & nothing was left back except his daughter. Later on we don’t have more information about her line. 2) BHAGWAN BHUSARI, second personality who claimed very initial role to oppose the British police but during the struggle he was also shot dead surviving behind a daughter only. The daughter later on worked for the welfare of tehsil and district in the Indian National Congress Party as a MLA for Erandol assembly constituency. 3) TRYAMBAK ss WANI, third unforgotten personality played much teamed contribution to continue the struggle, while continuing the holy task he lost life in the same manner. Nothing information is available about his line. On the occasion of national festivals, we visit the place where the HUTATMA SMARAK is showing the glory of the village. Those personalities are the ideals in the hearts of the villagers and the rests of too.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blessed wonder in Adgaon village........

ADGAON is the only village in the world, where rarely one or two storeyed houses or buildings are seen & built
It is told that the same threads with the hight of the temple which exists in the village.