Thursday, October 6, 2011


ACTIVE PARTICIPATION OF ADGAONKARS' IN FREEDOM STRUGGLE........ MOST ESTEEMED PERSONALITIES Helping hands of Adgaonkars to August Kranti It’s my great fortune to introduce to the rest of world, the forgotten personalities....... (1) SHYMRAO PATIL, (2) BHAGWAN BHUSARI, (3)TRYAMBAK WANI, Who had paid their lives on the spot to keep safe our morals & sustain KRANTI on 18th Aug.1930, during the period of freedom struggle. And remained for so ever martyrs in the every hearts of Adgaonkars. 1) SHYAMRAO PATIL, One who had paid complete contribution to survive the morals of villagers of Adgaon but on account of the holy task he was shot by British police & nothing was left back except his daughter. Later on we don’t have more information about her line. 2) BHAGWAN BHUSARI, second personality who claimed very initial role to oppose the British police but during the struggle he was also shot dead surviving behind a daughter only. The daughter later on worked for the welfare of tehsil and district in the Indian National Congress Party as a MLA for Erandol assembly constituency. 3) TRYAMBAK ss WANI, third unforgotten personality played much teamed contribution to continue the struggle, while continuing the holy task he lost life in the same manner. Nothing information is available about his line. On the occasion of national festivals, we visit the place where the HUTATMA SMARAK is showing the glory of the village. Those personalities are the ideals in the hearts of the villagers and the rests of too.

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  1. Three of the martyres stamped ever identification mark for the village in the history of Indian freedom struggle . Vande Mataram...!