Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Is Media Unbiased Towards The Recent Education System And Problems.......???Presented in teachers Forum at Bandra---

Of course,Media, in our country, is considered the voice of common people. Media is more inclined sometimes towards the coverage of false and fake things. As media takes important initiatives at various burning problems such as corruption, rising costs of daily needs, but at the same what about young generations. The entertainment media, it just broadcasts the imaginary things and what messages are they giving to our young generation by broadcasting the programmes like Big-Boss, Swayamar and many more? It does not raise its voice against many problems such as unemployment, child-marriages prevalent in remote parts of the country, education etc. Media favours some politicians and other strong influences in our society. 'Breaking News' is one sided and sometimes fails to show the other real . Repetitive - only to get TRP'S. Also the real issue is lost in sensationalizing news with no fallow up.Media can play its important and effective role to correct various confusions and guide the right happenings to our people/students so they can dream and shape, for what they are toiling since so many years.
Especially on the point of recent education system, there is no doubt on the success of media, if media concentrate towards the system. And to present the real picture on front to society.Implementations of planning commission and actual effects according to the objectives set shows complete mis-match the target on the grass root level. So what are the root causes of such failures must put front ? And the task can be covered by the media as it desrves importance according to our constitution.

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