Thursday, December 22, 2011

Solutions For : What Teachers Face While Teaching :-

Problem: 1) Discipline problems faced by the teachers while teaching  in the classroom:-
Probable Solutions : A) There are many problems that are regularly faced by all the teachers in the classroom      for eg.Students don't brings their textbooks  so teachers have to become stern  from day one onwards that everyone has to bring their textbooks , secondly some students are  hyper active so for them give more work. for eg. Appoint them as monitors.                                             
           Depression :-     The biggest problem is that if  as they are coming from economically backward class, their parents quarrel among themselves - to overcome - teachers should be friendly and try to find and guide proper way.
      B) To maintain the discipline, the teacher can keep the students engaged in activities. The teacher should  try to take interest in the discussion  along with the pupils on various current issues.

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