Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Adgaon is situated on the Erandol-Bhadgaon road near Kasoda in Jalgaon district. The village is known also in the name of HBP.(Hari bhakt parayan) SAINT MAHUJI MAHARAJ. Around AD 1857-1932 the person emerged as a devotee of the Lord Vitthala & Rukmini. He prayed the lord so from heart that he experienced the glimpse & blessed .It is told that once he was going to Pandharpur as the annual visit (vari) to the Lord, meanwhile a messenger reached alongwith a news of his elder son, Vaman's death but he simply said to him that he was taken back from whom he was in the hands of. He also donated all of the belongings (farms & houses) to the the trust for futur maintenance, which is till run by his followers as RADHAKRISHANA DEVASTHAN MANDAL. The saint worked for the welfare of people and left message to them to walk on the path of truth. The village celebrates annual SAPTAH (a week) with verious programmes like Bhajans, Kirtans and pravachans (satsangs) every year. The SAPTAH sums up with mega bhojan (prasad) to villagers and all pilgrims .

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  1. The information is told by my grandfather and father. The rest part of article is edited as I visit to the place during the summer vacation every year.