Monday, November 21, 2011

We ,The Family,

I am very fortunate as was born in and brought up such a hardworking family who taught me the morals for our society and nation. So I am very thankful to my lord .                                                                                                               

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

   We salute those, who fought not only for our country but to keep morals of my village also forever live.............................(Active participation in freedom struggle during AUGUST KRANTI 1942 )                                                                                                                                                                                                              1)Shahadu Soma Chaudhary                                                                                                               2Narayan Nanthhu Musande
3)Kautik Dagdu Patil
4)Satwa Laxman Punekar
5)Bajirao Phula Shinde
6)Budha Nago Mahajan
7)Dasharath Ramchandra Mahajan
8)Hari Sitaram Patil
9)Namdeo Totaram Pawar
10)Sukhadeo Totaram Pawar
11)Ramchandra Shenphadu Gher
12)Khanderao Ananda Lande
13)Vaman Nago Mahajan
14)Amrut Ananda Vanve
15)Chindhu Malhari Hargade
16)Tulsiram Namdeo Sable
17)Shivram Nago Patil
18)Kalu Devchand Patil
19)Shankar Sanpat Vanve
20)Dhudku Ragho Mistary
21)Arjun Aabha Bhand
22)Chindhu Shankar Pawankar
23)Dhanraj Ramnarayan Pande
24)Rama Nanthhu Bhusari
25)Shripat Shivram Padase
26)Ananda Sakharam Mahajan
27)Dattu Ragho Mistari
28)Chindhu Ramchandra Patil
29)Ramdas Chindhu Koli
30)Devchand Aabaji Mahajan                                                                                                            
              Humble salute to esteemed warriors who always remind us the value of freedom.
                                              JAI HIND................................................

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The very information will take you a new wonder in your list.-As I introduced about the village in the previous blog. The village has around 15000 population and 2100 houses in all. It is said or retold that one who build a house having more than one storeyed is suppossed to loose his or her son or end line. Those who already built are made victim of the same. The mythology is told in the reference as follows-A saint was emerged 200 years ago as a devotee to VITTHAL and got blessings. So the saint help to the people to solve for their health problems and people benifited. Due to the miracles, one by one followers were increased. The group were formed of devotees to God Vitthala of Pandharpur.Later on the group decided to build a temple in the village of RADHAKRIHNA. And they built a big and beautiful having one storeyed temple in the village. Henceforth the consideration is formed as per some previous coincidences, those who will build the house more hight than the respected temple will invite misfortune what is mentioned above.