Sunday, July 1, 2012


The nee of the hour is not the just talk of peace, progress and prosperity But honest efforts and step in that direction and one importantly in the field of politics of India. As we Indian have opted for democracy so we need leadership. And politicians play the role to exercise it from villages to capital city of India. Initially leaders were come front to reach the basic requirements of the needed people of our country. So at the certain extent our nation attained development and still it is going on. But we don't find as it should be as our fundamental needs to be met. We speak about to step on the moon and it is must if we want to be in the technological flow and the race of the rest countries. But when we peep onto the ground level with encountering problems, we feel great fear of all that. Politicians are lot. They come front for the welfare of people with the various criticisms of the rests. They elect after much expenditure as we see when the elections are held. How do we expect from them the real welfare and progress of the certain area? The politicians and other responsible for the today’s cause. We know the hardships and attainment of Gandhi, Sardar Patel and Lalbahadur Shastri and many more. They were gone through continuous hard work and upliftment of subjects and that is pure patriotism. The real social service never asks for the investment of personal property or money. And if it is seen then something is going wrong. Patriotism is far away from the hearts of the most of the present day politicians as can be judged from their cumulative actions of thoughts and deed which have brought the country in the danger and its democracy. They are very close to change the meaning of democracy as we see how they behave. Population, Poverty, corruption and terrorism are the basic causes to hold back us from the progress of masses. We are independence but made busy in unfolding tasks. Having put the country in its correct perspectives in the hearts of masses and on the globe we must eradicate the problems of Population, Poverty, corruption and terrorism. And so for we must keep off the selfish and discriminative thinking aside and understand the right of every life here on. If the present trends continue, posterity will only blame the present generation for forcing the country in the burning problems ever. And why don’t we see by our open eyes that the developed India cannot be built by the recurring problems such as Population, Poverty, corruption and terrorism, if some of third rated leaders (selfish) hold the decisive posts in the country.

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  1. Exactly right Sir. We need to think about the issues you mentioned. Well written.