Thursday, March 29, 2012

"VISHWAJIVANREKHA"-An Article On The Path Of Commencing Zero Mind State/ Concentration..........

There is a story of about of about a sea captain who in his retirement skipped a boat taking day trippers to Shetland Island. On one trip the boat was full of young people. They laughed at the old captain when they saw him saying a prayer before sailing out, because the day was fine and the sea was calm.
However they weren't long at sea when a storm suddenly blew up and the boat began to pitch violently. The terrified passengers came to the captain and asked him to join them in prayer. But he replied, "I say my prayers when its clam. When its rough I attend to my ship.".....
Here is a lesson for us. If we cannot and will not seek god in quiet moments of our lives, we aren't likely to find him when troubles strikes. We are more likely to panic. But if we have learnt to seek him and trust him in quiet moments, then most certainly we will find him when the going gets rough
Always make the best of today because you never know what kind of sadness tomorrow brings into your life !

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