Thursday, March 8, 2012

Education Is A Fundamental Right Of Each One....... Its Impact On Individuals, Society And Nation Itself.....

Going to Zilla Parishad's or municipal's schools as a child, learning the basic skills on how to add and subtract, read, and write. These basic skills are necessary in order to function in our society and work force in the country. As we all know each child learns differently, some learn faster than others and some slower than others. Our Zilla Parishad's or municipal's school have become overcrowded and we do not have enough teachers to fit the needs of each student. Some students get left behind and are not learning the skills needed to move on to the next level. What these students are not learning they can learn in higher education such as a college or university.Our students’ needs are changing, there are a growing number of movements with children coming to the Mumbai or somewhere from all over the country. They bring with them the language and culture of their society. The age in which they arrive to the city determines how well they learn language and what skills they will need to acquire to become productive in our society. The task of teaching our children the basic skills is becoming harder and harder each day, making it harder for our education system to achieve their goals. There are a high number of students learning from high school who does not have the skills needed to meet the needs of the work force in our society. A higher level of learning is needed to make our society literate.
The relationship between teachers/parents and students are influential in our society. To have an educated society in the country brings a safe and peaceful environment to live in. Society is defined as "a group of people with a common culture or a way of life. A group of people who unite to share a common interest". An educated society also avoids social problems such as poverty, gangs, drugs and health related sickness. Most of all, having an educated society helps our country’s economy. For instance, a citizen that acquires a college degree earns respect and can get a good job that pays well. If these citizens do not have proper educations they might have to work in a job they are not happy with and get low salaries. In our society education matters, the higher educated a person is the higher their income.
One of the problems is that our young people do not have anything to do. So the only choice they have is to turn to the streets. There they are able to get drugs and learn the way of the streets. This means they can only get themselves into trouble. There are so many after school programs kids and young people can participate in, such as girl scouts and boy scouts which have positive affects on young people. However, there are no volunteers to give up a little time to help others.we have social problems such as drugs and gangs in our cities.
Our society needs to become culturally sensitive. In the recent years the population in the country has increased.To become educated requires a combination of attending school to learn basic skills such as reading and writing and learning from one’s experiences and developing street smarts. What is also necessary is attending a higher level of learning such as school or college in order to learn about one’s own history and facts on the world. Our society is changing and we need to make changes on our form of teaching to meet the needs of our students in order to make them good members of our society. By learning as much as we can from different cultures and traditions can help us become an open minded and a well developed society.

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