Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The increase in population is quantitative and qualitative. Many poor families think that sending children to school is a waste of time inspite of various govt. schemes, there is no proper implementation due to which illiteracy .......

(1)Population can work for and against progress and development of a country, sheer numbers put a strain on resources  but a skilled and hardworking literate population can be productive and leads to growth but a technically backward and poor population is a hindrance to progress.(2)-(A) Living in so ultra advanced age, traditional thought of having a male child as an asset in the family practiced even today among literate and illiterate families (B) Increase in population is a speed breaker and a stress on development of a nation .(3)Infrastructure is very limited and the number of people using it are more in number which are leading to the emergence of various problems such as corruption, crime, unemployment poverty etc. As we citizens of developing country, must open the eyes and accept new ideas to help to attain  the vision 2020.

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